I have a new system New board prossessor ram everything. running win 7 64bit and it has 16 GB of ram but only registers 2.5g

The title explains everything.
I built the computer from scratch Brand new win 7 64 bit os all brand new parts 16 GB ram system only says it has 2.5gb useable. I had this issue before and a fresh OS fixed it but I do not have another OS to work with right now. I Wanna know what causes this issue...
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  1. I would check your motherboard manual to see if there are any notes about memory limitations. You should also check your BIOS settings and make sure you have the most updated version. This guide should help you troubleshoot your issue.

  2. I already did all that.
    the issue also occured on my friends computer. 8gb ram same amount useable different OS also 64 bit
    I will try again on the bios tho
  3. How much memory does the BIOS recognize (of the 16GB installed)?
  4. all 16gb it has a dedicated video card too
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