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I have hard disk of roughly 260 GB, I was falling short of disk space in C , as it was only 50 GB, so I used ease US partition manager to take 5GB from D and merge to C. I got an extra of 660 MB as free space in that process unallocated. So I made a drive of 660 MB and thought to merge with D. But it failed to merge. Aslo there was some used space in the new 660 MB drive so i thought to format it and formatted, after I formatted the 660MB drive my E drive (91.2 GB) which was bit locker encrypted became invisible.

I went to disk management to check the status of drives, the disk management shows 91.2 GB as free space, and I was shocked to see that it shows harddisk space of 1627 GB and shows many drives more than of 300 GB but actual size of my HDD is only 260 GB,

I want to recover my E drive which was encrypted by bitlocker because it has many important files, please help.
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    Did you backup the encryption keys?

    If not, there is not much chance of getting the encrypted files back. Two thing you NEED to do before messing with drive partitions, backup your data incase the process fails and if anything is encrypted, make sure you have a backp of the encryption keys.
  2. unallocated the 660MB
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