Memory slot problem ( Asus mobo)

I have just recently completed a build using a M5A99FX Pro R2.0 Asus motherboard but i cant get 3 of the RAM slots to work. I'm using 3 sticks of 2 GB each to get 6, this RAM was from a older machine, i was using them to give the machine a test run before i bought new RAM, the machine booted fine but only reports 2 GB of memory. Windows 7 tells me there's 6 GB installed but 1.89 usable, i decided to test the sticks in different slots, and one time it wouldn't boot, so i decided to test each slot individually and found out only when RAM was in the A_2 slot the machine would boot. Any ideas?
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  1. When did you purchase the motherboard.
  2. Less than a month ago.
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