I have a client who just started getting this error/blue screen. Now normally I would check drivers, RAM and hard drive to find the culprit..however, the problem started happening to 3 computers at around the same time. I can't believe that hardware could be at fault when it is happening on 3 computers.

So that leaves software...
We haven't installed anything new, and they can't! They are thin clients, so every time they restart the computer, all changes are wiped. We haven't installed any new drivers, any updates: if any program auto updated, the changes would be wiped upon restart.

Does anyone have any ideas?? At the moment, we can't even check eventvwr or DMP file because they aren't saved...might have to unlock computer and log in as admin and wait for some BSODs to further troubleshoot.

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  1. if you try whocrashed for the minidump maybe it find them if there are some in the system . also check the video card and the driver if everything is up to date .
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