Pc not able to recognize USB keyboard and mouse.

Hello to everybody. I have been reading this forum a while now but did not have an accound and an active participation. But that will change I guess.

I have the following problem:

When I start the system, my keyboard and mouse are not being recognized from the system. At first, I could get into BIOS and Ubuntu but not on Windows. Now, I can not even load a cd so that I can format my pc because my USB keyboard and mouse are not recognizable and not even the leds are lighting. So, they are dead from the very beggining.

I though that the problem was the 8-pin connector that my MB had and the fact that I only connected only 4 pins because my power supply does not have more that 4-pin cable. But, as I read at this forum, the other 4 are only for grounding and better stability of the system.

So, I cannot format, and when the systems enters Windows by itself I am not able to do anything. I tried connecting mouse and keyboard through USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and with a PS/2 converter. It is always the same.

Any suggestions please?
Thanks in advance.

I just bought a MB: Asrock Z87 PRO3
CPU : i5 haswell 4670k

My Power Supply is a 400W Deer and my PC box is a Zalman Z11 plus black. I have a Razer mouse and a X7 keyboard(although it does not matter).

PS:When I did manager to get into BIOS at the very beggining, I supposed that the problem was that I had the legacy USB support enabled.
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  1. Reset CMOS, see if this resolves your problems.
  2. Thanks for the answer. I was going to reset CMOS.
    I did. Some interesting results here.
    At first, I disabled legacy USB support(I was able to use keyboard through BIOS) and picked to boot through CD(because I wanted to format the partition). I went into Windows, and there keyboard and mouse were dead. But after the first reset which I did instantly after booting into Windows, keyboard and mouse are dead from the beggining now, I cannot enter BIOS, only GRUB menu appears and boots into Ubuntu by default after 20 seconds.
    When I boot into Ubuntu I can type normally and do everything through Ubuntu( I am certain though that i would not through Windows. This is very strange, please be kind enough to help me out. I do not know where to go from here.
    Kindly regards.
  3. Seems like a software issue.
  4. Software issue? Are you certain?

    I got into Ubuntu and with GParted deleted all the partitions on all HDD's and formatted the one drive for Windows and the other for Linux.

    Rebooted and cannot get into there, keyboard and mouse not recognizable from the beggining, so I do not understand how that can be a software issue.

    Can someone elaborate further please?

  5. Yep, reinstall windows.
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