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I hooked up my ps3 to my monitor through an hdmi cable and the video works but the sounds comes out through my monitor speakers. It sounds bad so I was wanting to use my computer speakers instead. Someone recommended buying an adapter so I did that but I still get no sound. If someone could tell me exactly what to do in very simple terms, I would be grateful. I don't know anything about electronics and stuff so try to go easy on me. My monitor is a HP w2207 Wide LCD Monitor.
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  1. The way you go about that, or how I did was like so:
    You take the HDMI and plug it in as normal, then you take the standard RCA cables for the PS3 and hook them up to something like this:
    Once they are hooked up you plug the speakers into the 3.5mm and set the ps3 to audio through RCA rather than HDMI.
    Once you do that the video is hdmi, and the sound is RCA.
    My adapter looks different as mine came with a pair of turtle beach P11s.
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