how do i tell if my motherboard is fried

I bought a new power supply and when i turned it on, it made a loud pop and now it doesn't turn on. I tried using an older power supply that works and i removed the graphics card and only have 1 stick of ram and the processor, and i turned it on it still didn't work. no lights, no fans running.

Is my motherboard fried?

oh yea also, I smelt a burning smell. couldn't really tell where it was from..
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  1. If the motherboard is won't turn on w/ a known working power supply there is a 95% chance it's dead. The only other likely scenario is that you have 2 dead power supplies. or that both of them died when attached to the same mobo. Both very unlikely.

    A loud pop is usually the result of a capacitor blowing up. carefully inspect the motherboard for busted caps. They're pretty obvious when spotted. About 6 post down is a good pic.

    You can buy a ATX power supply tester. There usually about 20-30 bucks, they will tell you if you a power supply has any problems.
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