Need a Good Mobo/Liquid Cooler combo for extreme overclock

Hi. I am looking to purchase an i7 4770k and plan on a crazy over clock. I need a motherboard that is good with over clocking and would like for it to be under 150 dollars. I would also like if it had two PCI x16 full speed slots. I'm looking to OC to around 4.5-4.6 GHz. I know I will need an insane cooler. Would a Corsair H110 be fine? The voltage would be high, probably around 1.3v-1.4v if I'm correct. Please let me know if the H110 isn't enough. Please keep any cooler around 100-150 dollars. Thanks
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  1. asus maximus vi or the asrock extreme 9
  2. h110 is enough for those voltages just make sure your air is setup right
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    As usual, it always depends on your chip but IMO the H110 might reach its limits there.
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