Upgrading RAID 0 to SDD. Windows wont boot.

Hello fellas.

This is m first time posting on these forums. I always come here for answers, but first time asking a question.

I'm helping a friend upgrade his alienware desktop from the RAID 0 It came with, to a SSD.

After installing the SSD and unplugging the RAID drives, we installed using the factory disks we made earlier. The OS install went through with no errors. On reboot, the drive was not recognized and wouldn't boot.
I disabled the RAID in BIOS, and set the boot to legacy instead of UEFI.

There has to be some weird bios setting I'm overlooking. I looked a the drive on my machine, the file system looks right.

I always assumed that installing an SSD was about the same as installing a normal HDD. But I've never downgraded from a RAID to a single drive.

Please, if anyone has any ideas on this it would mean a lot to me.
Thank you for your time.

core i7 3930k
radeon 7800 series
2x 2TB HDD RAID 0 Config
Windows 7 Home Premium x64
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  1. Best answer
    its going to be easier to just do a fresh install by the sounds of it

    it will also be better
  2. Thanks for the reply

    That' the strange thing. After the pc wouldn't boot. I tried to use a generic Win7 disk and during the installation it didn't see the SSD. Said something about missing a driver. But the factory disk installed without an issue on the drive. Installed all the appropriate system folders, partitions and everything. By all accounts, the drive looks like it should boot.

    I'm thinking its got to be an issue with the bios or something like that. Are there any other changes I should make to the system that might have been in place due to the raid?

    Thanks again
  3. boot with a win7 installation disk and run startup repair would be step 1 imo.
  4. changing SATA configuration between RAID and AHCI/IDE modes on the controller can upset windows

    setting the SATA ports mode back to AHCI (best for SSD's) should allow you to detect the SSD aok with no drivers (as long as its not a separate controller)
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