Will my computer work without all my cords plugged in?

This is my first build and my psu has a lot of cords and I can't find where some go. If they do not get plugged in somewhere, will my computer still start up fine? I've gotten my video card plugged in, my 24 pin connector plugged in, my fans plugged in, my usb headers plugged in, and a cord with eight squares (4 on top and 4 on bottom) plugged in

And now I will attempt an awful description of the cords I cannot find a home for.

One cord has a split end where one part is 3 on top and 3 on bottom, and the other end is 2 side by side.

Another cord is 4 in a row.

The other two cords that I haven't found a spot to connect are both one long opening, ( no squares in the connecting piece, just one long row of open metal prongs inside.)
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    before you do anything that will harm your system... watch some tutorials on youtube,they help alot!
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