Using an old hard drive in a new home-built PC

So I built myself a new computer with all new hardware. The only old hardware I am currently using in my new computer is the optical DVD drive (until I get my new one in a week or so).

I have booted up, installed Windows 8, updated the BIOS and started updating drivers.

I have lots of media content on my old hard drive that I wish not to lose. I do not have an External hard drive to transfer all the media content to. I do have a DVD burner and quite a few DVDs. The old hard drive has Windows 7 installed on it.
If I were to install the old hard drive into my new computer and set the boot to boot into the NEW Windows 8 hard drive, will there be any problems or conflicts due to the other hard drive with Windows 7 installed on it?
To clarify, I do not wish to boot into Windows 7 from the old hard drive, I just wish not to lose my files.

Thanks for any information!
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    The primary hard drive is the new one, where Windows8 is installed.

    When your system tries to boot it searches in the primary boot device (New hard drive) any OS or boot table, in this case is Windows8... then it boots that one. In the case it can't find any OS in the primary boot device it will keep rolling the next devices (In the order you set in BIOS menu) untill it finds a bootable OS.

    In this case, Windows 7 will never be boot and you will be able to copy/move/delete anything in that HDD from Windows 8.
  2. Install the old drive

    booot to Win 8

    and then head for libraries and you will see the old drive as installed and should be able to copy ans paste any files from it to the new drive , or just access them from that drive
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