What power supply should I need?

What psu should I need if I have these componatnts?

Intel i5 3570
Corsair 4BG Ram
Asus P8Z77-V LX
Asus HD 7790
500GB Western Digital?

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  1. Something 350W+ from one of the brands in my sig.
  2. According to here: http://www.realhardtechx.com/index_archivos/Page362.htm

    you'll need a minimum 430W psu for your graphics card.

    Something like this would serve you well:

    XFX 550W PRO550W $44.99 after rebate.
  3. Thanks
  4. That's recommended though; it does depend on what else you're running in the system. Which in this case is a very low power Ivy i5, not a 200W+ OCed FX-8350.
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