AMD Cpu's better with AMD Gpu's ??

Hey, i am building a system with FX-8350 and a gigabyte 990FX mobo. The main idea was to fit a 760gtx in there but i was wondering...

Do AMD Gpu's work better with an AMD Cpu?
for example..would a gigabyte HD7950(not boost) work better with my FX-8350 than a gigabyte gtx760 ??

*side question: when are the new series of Nvidia and Amd card's coming out? and when will it be a newer series of Amd3 processors?(i mean lik intel that released 4 gene)

TY :)
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    No , it is not true , if there is not bottleneck than u are fine .
  2. Ty man, is there any possible way to find out about the reliases of those new products i wrote on the upper post ? :)
  3. Nvidia will release the extreme 2-2gpu card 790 these two months,, about AMD video card and processor idk :)
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