is this a good motherboard for gaming?

is that good for gaming
Or if not tell me another one
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  1. If you don't intend to Overclock and SLI/Crossfire, then is as good as any. If you could find a cheaper reliable brand Mobo with the same chipset, go for it. What are your other specs?
  2. My other specs are Gigabyte GTX 660OC Ti 2GB, Intel Core i5-4670 Quad 3.8GHz Turbo 6MB, 8GB DUAL DDR3 1600MHz, 1TB SATA3 7200RPM 64MB, Windows 8 64-bit, Thermaltake V9 BlacX case . And im not gonna overclock and i dont know how
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    Yes, it's a good motherboard as any other about gaming. Go for it. Like werner said, there is no difference in performance. Kist Z87 have the Ocing ability and sli/crossfire. Go with it. It's a good mobo.
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