What if i add an 4GB 1600 ram card over 2 cards of 4 gb 1333 ?

So :) .... i have Asus m5a97 evo r2.0 with 4 slots ( 2x4gb 1333) and i want to add more 4gb ram the price of 1333 and 1600 is almost same but before buy 1600 i want to ask you guys if there a problem OR the new ram will work on 1333 even he have 1600 :D ... i hope you understand what i want to explain ... :)

ps: all cards it's from kingston
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  1. if you buy a 1600mhz ram, it will run at 1333. Its not a problem to buy 1600 ram.
  2. so i better buy 1333 because even i have one of 1600 it will work on 1333 :D right ?
  3. yup, no point in wasting money.
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