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Hi, I've had a problem with my laptop and it turns out that the C: HDD is corrupt. I have tried plugging it into my PC and it won't acknowledge its existance, tried restarting it and various combinations to get it to work. All I want to do is reformat this and so I can put windows back on it to get my laptop up and running again. Can someone please give me a solution to this.
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    Are you sure that it is just corrupted data, or is the drive dead? What model laptop/brand drive? Download the drive test software for that drive and see if it actually works.

    If it is a 3+ year old laptop consider that you may need a new HDD (occasionally even happens to newer laptops).
  2. I think the drive is dead. Just going to get a new HDD as it won't even boot windows from a CD. Get the HDD and sell the laptop is my plan. Thanks!
  3. If it runs Windows 7 and you need an install disk you can download a disk image of the identical Windows version from DIGITAL RIVER, burn to a DVD, install to the new HDD, and activate using your activation key from the laptop sticker.
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