Gigabyte GTX 660 issue- Low DayZ FPS

Hi! Im new here so Im sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.
But I have a problem with my frame rate. In DayZ I only get 15-30 Fps, even on low! But in Arma 2 I usually get around 70 or 80 out of the fight. and 50+ when in battle. This is on high also. Far Cry 3 is also good on ultra I never dip below 55 even when fighting in thick jungle. And lastly in Metro Last Light I never went under 65 I also played this on very high.
What worries me is will if my rig cant handle DayZ then how will it take BF4? The whole reason I switched from console to PC. So if any one has even the slightest clue any help would be appreciated! Thank You!

PC specifications:
CPU:Intel I5-3570K at stock clocks.

Gpu: Gigabyte GTX 660

RAM: 2x 4gb G.Skill ripjaws

HDD: Western Digital Blue 1TB 7200 RPM

MoBo: AsRock Z75 Pro3

Psu: Rosewill Stallion RD-500-2DB 500 watt

All of this is housed in the Antec 300 Illusion
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  1. Could my processor be bottlenecking my card?
  2. Best answer
    Sometimes the server youre in affects your framerate... some servers are better than other frame wise.
  3. Really? I never would have thought. Thank you!
  4. Big Beast said:
    Really? I never would have thought. Thank you!

    No problem man :)
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