Is MSI GTX 760 Hawk the best??

Is MSI Hawk the best among the rest of the 760s?

For stable- and clock-wise.
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  1. Nope, Gigabyte and Asus beat it.
  2. It is still a good card only beaten by cards with higher clock speeds which can be made up by overclocking.
  3. The Zotac AMP! GTX 760 is currently the highest factory clocked 760.
  4. Agree with platinum era
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    The MSI GTX 760 Hawk is the BEST, no question, GTX 760.

    Why? It comes with the highest factory overclock of any GTX 760 (sorry Platinum Era, 1111 MHz vs 1100 MHz). It also comes with a special custom design, like all Hawk cards, intended to produce the absolute highest possible overclocks. The Hawk produced the highest overclock out of seven GTX 760s tested at TechPowerUp. At Guru3d, they include some stable settings that allowed them to post a Boost Clock of 1372 MHz.,25.html

    The Hawk's list of custom components incudes:
    - A 5 heatpipe cooler (vs 4 heatpipes on the MSI Gaming card and Asus DirectCU; and only 3 on the Gigabyte Windforce, Zotac AMP!)
    - A backplate for strength and cooling of the back of the card
    - An internal front plate to cool internal memory chips and VRM circuitry
    - An upgraded 6+2 power stage system
    - An 8 layer PCB
    - Exclusive support for Triple Overvoltage (GPU, memory, and PLL) and triple voltage check points
    - Dual BIOS switch, including an LN2 setting that allows higher overclocking limits
    - Two 8-pin power connectors to deliver more power for overclocking (vs a single 6-pin or 6+8-pin connectors on other 760s)
    - All custom "Military Class IV" components including Hi-C capacitors and SFC chokes
  6. Who cares about factory overclocks? You can spend literally 5 seconds in Afterburner and get it yourself, but, have a card with a better cooler.
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