Adding another 2x4gb RAM for four channel memory?

I have a Gigabyte X79S UP5 mainboard, i7 3820 and an Xfx 7970 Black DD, Cooler Master HAF case.

I currently have 2x4GB Corsair XMS3 Ram installed running at 1866MHz. (CMX8GX3M2A2000C9 to be precise).

Do you think I should add another 2x4GB ram to make them run at four channel mode, or would it not really change anything at all.

I play games, sometimes edit videos and use daws heavily. I also emulate AmigaOS.

I know that I could have a cheaper and generally faster system for the amount of cash I spent for these, but when creating this system I had future-proof in mind and needed more than 6 sata ports, so that's why I choose these components. Might upgrade things in around 3-4 years.
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  1. Did you really just invent a new technology that doesn't exist?
  2. for edditing vedoes defininty
  3. egilbe said:
    Did you really just invent a new technology that doesn't exist?

    Which component are you talking about? :)
  4. well. eff me. I just learned something new
  5. ingore him he is making fun of the fact that you called if four channel ram instead of its corect name quad channel
  6. egilbe said:
    There is no such thing as four channel memory, There is dual channel and triple channel. Adding ram will not double the number of channels, it doubles the amount of ram available to run processes or programs. 8 gigs is normally enough for most people.

    My mainboard supports quad channel memory.
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