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Hello all, I have an old Dell D410. I was trying to format my drive and install XP which I did but I also deleted the partitions I'm pretty sure. Now I'm getting the message "Error loading Operating system". On start up I do get the bios page and I'm able to select f12 and set the boot sequence to boot from CD first, but still I am getting the same error message after it attempts to boot. I have an iso OEM XP copy on a disk and I also have an original windows 7 disk which was installed on the computer before all of this happened. However, neither will boot. Can anyone help me. I've seen mentions of some fixboot and fixmbr programs which I have not tried as yet because I'm not sure if that will fix the issue. I have ran a diagnostic and everything passed so I believe there is nothing wrong with the HD either.

When I turn the computer on I get the dell splash screen then I will hear the CD spinning while the cursor blinks and then I get the error loading message
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  1. Yea, that's not just a problem with the older systems. What you might have ended up doing by accident is changing the HDD partition to a dynamic partition instead of leaving it as a static. The OS does not load when its partition is set as dynamic (I learned this the hard way >.> after two days of fixing a PC only to play with that and screw it all up.) If that's the case then you will just have to re-install the OS which will fix that problem. If its a case of the CD boot not reading then your CD drive might be bad.
  2. The CD is fine, I tried it another computer. Plus I have another copy of an Orem Xperia disc. Also tried booting do from a bootable USB. It always ends up giving me the same error loading operating system.
  3. It may not work, because you are trying to boot from a DVD with CD-Rom drive? CD-Rom was the standard drive for the laptop and booting from USB was not probably not supported at that time.
  4. Yea I suspect the USB boot might not work. The laptop is from 2005, so not sure. However, the drive is a CD/DVD drive and I'm unable to boot. I'm guessing it had something to do with me deleting the partitions but I do not know how to fix this or simply get everything straightened out.
  5. Is there a computer program or some numbers I should enter into the setting that could help? Is there a website where some people would definitely have the answer? This is really driving me nuts.
  6. sounds like to me then you have a bad BIOS
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