Need new grahpics card for old system


My dad's been running my old Acer Aspire m3640 with a Q660, 3gb ram, nforce630i mobo and 8600GS card in a PCIe 1.0X16 slot. But it seems the card has failed (no image on screen, no post and mobo beeps indicate VGA card failure). So it needs a new one. But what do i get? something I can buy new preferably, and will work in the slot (and in a small case) and can run from the mobo power, since the PSU is only 250W and has no addition PCIe power cables.
Also, i do have an old 450W PSU with the later ATX v2 standards and PCIe slots, will i need to salvage this from my old gaming rig to put in anything to replace the 8600gs? Budget is flexible, but really less than £50 other wise it's not worth the cost, since a new laptop will be just as good.

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  1. Without upgrading the PSU. Your best bet is probably the Radeon 7750. Make sure you get a model with DDR5 memory.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Is there nothing from nVidia? really want to avois as many issues as possible (drivers).
    Also, I should note, I've been away and not actually seen the PC yet, but how do I get it to switch back to the onboard graphics (7100 on mobo), do I just unplug the card? or do I have to reset the bios? never used onboard graphics.
  3. No he's wrong
    Your best shot is probably a Radeon HD 7450 or a Gtx 630/640
    Your mobo is really weak, so having a 7750 would bottleneck it
  4. I was looking at the 640, but worried it'd need too much power.
  5. No it's enough
    I got a 7450 in my shitty PC with a 300W PSU and it's more then enough
  6. ok, I'll look at 630/640 depending on what he wants to spend. it's just a light work PC, no gaming or anything, onboard might cope I just like it to have some spare power.
    On to the mobo graphics, just to check it is just the card, how do I get it to switch to the mobo graphics, just unplug the card and plug the monitor on the mobo? or do i need a reset?
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    1) 7450 and a gtx 630/640 can easily watch YT videos on 1080p
    If he goes for a 1920x1080 screen then I would stick with the cards that I advised otherwise I would go a little lower but not too low of course
    2) Depends on your mobo, but regularly your mobo already uses their integrated graphics card/chip for extra visual power (there are programs that allow you to switch between mobo graphics and your GPU *switching does require a restart* but usually your mobo already uses it's integrated graphics card/chip)
  8. the monitor is 1080 and hdmi. I take it either a 630 or 640 will be more powerful than the 8600gs? will the 7100 oboard cope with internet and stuff? or is it really low (running win 7 pro btw)
    also, I'd like to get the onboard working before doing anything(buying anything) to make sure its just the graphics card. If i unplug the battery, it won't affect anything else (data on HDD) and it will get the onboard working?
    or will the video feed come out of the onboard chip if i just unplug the card?
  9. 1) Yes the 630, 640 and the 7450 are better then the 8600gs
    2) Not sure if the 7100 will cope neither is it really important since you're not making it a gaming PC, buying a 630/640 or a 7450 is more then enough
  10. alright then. cheers!
  11. No problem
  12. on the tech side, since the graphics card isn't displaying anything I cant get to/see the BIOS, if I unplug the card and plug the monitor into the onboard chip will it burst into life, or do I have to reset? just curious if i plug into the onboard chip if that'll let me see the bios without a reset.
  13. Hmm. I never really deepened myself into things like that, but from what it looks like, it probably won't need a reset.
    Just don't attach or deattach anything inside of your PC when it's still plugged in
  14. neah I know that much. My dad's tried plugging the monitor into the mobo but nothing changed, I'm hoping it just needs the card pulled out.
    Anyway, cheers for your help.
  15. You do know that the monitor HDMi cable needs to be plugged into the rear end of a video card with an HDMi slot
    I highly doubtt hat your mobo has an HDMi slot in it xD
  16. yeah I do get that, I'm fairly computer savvy, build a lot, just dont wanna risk it with my dads PC. And yes, the onboard does actually have an HDMI out, amazingly.
  17. Good then it should work
  18. ok, so I got back, had a look, reseated the card no change. took it out, plugged in the onboard card, works fine, installed new drivers, all good.
    Had a look at the card, blew two capacitors, so question, can these be repaired?
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