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Hey Guys,

so I posted this in the monitor section but Im not getting any responses and I thought I would give it a shot here.

Asus Z87- Plus
GTX 760 2Gb/OC

Now what I am wondering is what monitor I should get. I will be doing a lot of gaming like: Skyrim, Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, Farming Simulator 2013, Battlefield 3/4, Age of Empires as well as some daily web browsing/typing. I am not a competitive gamer I just do it for fun and this is my first time switching over to PC gaming. Price is 100-300 maybe will go to 350/400ish if the monitor is lightyears better. Should I be getting an IPS or TN? If you guys could recommend some monitors that would be great.

Been looking at:
Dell UltraSharp U2412 (IPS)

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  1. With VSync on, your FPS will not exceed the refresh rate. I would just buy a 60 Hz monitor, since past that most people will not see any difference. In that case, I would buy the Dell, or even this one: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/aoc-monitor-e2460sd

    If you would prefer a higher refresh rate, like the mentioned ASUS, then the ASUS would better suit your needs.
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