Wil a 64 bit Dual core(ore more) run hotter or cooler under 64-win7 os then 32-xp?

Iv got an old Dual core 64Bit CPU. Iv always been using windows xp 32bit, so iv never realy used its potential.
But since its a laptop and has shared heatsink with the videocard I have the ocation bluescreen because the Videocards overheats.

So the question is, wil the CPu run hotter or cooler in windows 7 64 bit when/if the load is more evenly distributed?

Also, what gain can I hope for in a dual core 64 bit CPU stepping from XP-32 to win7-64 bit OS? I recon win 7 is better with dualcores, and the 64 bit has a small part in it aswel.

CPU is AMD Turion 64 X2 mobile TL-64.
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  1. It will work no different with a 64bit os.
  2. Generally no difference unless win 7 has additional instructions to use power saving features in the CPU that win xp didn't have. However those features would be disable when you stress the CPU. Unless of course you are running the laptop in power save mode which also limit performance.
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