Razer Tiamat 7.1- Megalodon- Astro A40- Astro A50

I am getting a new gaming headset and I am choosing between these four. I am going to be using them for PC gaming, so I am slightly leaning towards the Razer, because I know they work closely with PC. I have tried on both the Tiamat and the A40's and they have excellent sound quality and are very comfortable. But what about the Megalodon and the A50's? I have a $300 budget, so that's taken care of. If any of you have any of these, can you let me know how you like them so far?
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    yeah if those are your 4, I'd def stick with astro.

    the A50 is one of the better wireless models out there now, but if your goal is sound quality, you would be wise to look at audio-technica like edogawa recommends.

    the 700s are awesome if you have a big head / large ears. hard to find headsets that cater to that

    also look at the ATH-M50. one of my favorites in that price range. stereo but amazing nonetheless

    happy gaming man!
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