I Have a Nasty virus please help.

This Virus keeps on coming and coming and I just don't know what to do. I have Super Anti Spy-Ware and I use that a lot and it seems to get rid of the problem for a day I'm lucky but keeps on coming. Sorry now let me get to the point. I use google chrome and I get redirected when ever I search for anything that's not in my bookmarked and favorites. I don't use IE because for some reason that's like a jar of honey to winne-the-pooh. I just deleted it it's so virus-y. I had a really bad virus a bit ago where i could't type in the search bar or play a game without getting disconnected or minimized. (I fixed this but for some reason when i had that virus the only thing i could do was play Rome Total War. VERY weird and unusual. I got rid of the virus with Malware-bytes. I know you're going to show me a malware fighter software but idk if that's going to cut it. Every week i search with Super-anti-spyware i get around 140 cookies and roaming things. I'm starting to think i have something nasty that I downloaded from the internet. I get redirected to Bee-Q and just a bunch of advertising websites.
Please help and tell me what I should do any help is appreciated!
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  1. Get a ESET trial (Best anti-virus) and run a scan
  2. turn off system restore before doing the scan.

    run/msconfig/search box/start up and services............... kill unnecessary running apps or unknown apps.
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    try this for free, no full installations required, = or this way you don't need to uninstall, but what you have is not for Virii, use Avira free = or AVG free = , I would choose Avira.
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