Black Screen After Installing Windows 8

I just installed windows 8 and it asked me to remove the USB drive I used to install it so that it could restart. Now I only get a blank black screen after restarting.

Also, I tried reinstalling it and I still get the same thing. I tried repairing the issue and it tells me that the location of where windows is located is locked.

Any ideas?
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  1. What motherboard? Installing on SSD or HDD? What SATA port is the drive connected? What is the boot order in BIOS?
  2. alexoiu said:
    What motherboard? Installing on SSD or HDD? What SATA port is the drive connected? What is the boot order in BIOS?

    ASUS Crosshair V Formula mainboard, Seagate 500 GB Solid State Hybrid Drive, SATA port 1, and I think it's Windows boot manager and then the hard drive.

    Also, I finally got it to work again, completely booting up Windows. However, as soon as I restart, it does the error again. When I installed Windows on the hard drive, I did it with RAID set up as AHCI wouldn't work at all. But it still gave me a warning saying RAID wouldn't work either. Is that why it ends up failing after I get it installed? IDE doesn't give me any warning when getting ready to install, but it won't install at all.
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    Using one of the SATA cables that came with the board? Can you test different SATA cable than the one connected?
    When installing, is the USB connected to one of teh black USB ports?
    You can try reinstalling. When starting the system, tap F8 and choose the removable drive (not EFI) as the boot device. Then start installing.
  4. I wasn't connecting the USB to one of the black USB ports. Doing that worked.

    Blah! lol.

    Thank you, Alexoiu!
  5. Hi M8,
    This might sound Bizzare. But tell me, are you migrating from Win 7 -> Win 8

    I just did that, had the black screen as well.
    While installing you chose custom, i presume, cos' thats what i did.
    Under the drive selection option, win 7 had a predefined 100mb (allocated separately).
    You need to delete that partition, as well as the win 7 partition.

    And chose the unpartitioned space as the destination of the installation.

    Win 8, creates a separate 350 mb partition and installs win 8 on the rest of space unallocated.

    Hope this helps cheers...
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