Connection times out (not sure why)

Alright hopefully someone can help, i'm not sure what my connection problem
really is at the moment. Here's the story, about two weeks ago my internet
connection was fine. No lag problems, dc's/ upload and download speeds
were good. I was playing a game of league of legends when out of no where i
started to dc and get massive ping spikes, going from 84 ping to like 350
spikes. So i had comcast cable come out and all the guy said was "it's not
you its the severs". I thought how could that be when even on
skype/raidcall/teamspeak i dc and come in choppy. So all the guy did was
replace a cable. That didn't help. So i restarted my router and DNS box did
nothing as well. Ask a friend of mine what it could be, he said it might be
your IP. So i went into my command propt did arp -d * - ipconfig /release - ipconfig /renew WHICH fixes the problem for about 3 hours then it starts back up again. After that i went to play on xbox live seeing that it might just be my computer and ill go to bestbuy see what they say. I connected and couldnt join my friends chat lobbies and some game lobbies. I think its my router or something no sure. I will mention that i can get on the internet and watch streams but i timeout and it reloads itself + my download speed and upload speeds are fine. I'm hardwired into my router with only my xbox and home computer hocked up to it. someone please help thanks
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  1. Try bypassing the router and connect a device directly to your modem. If you no longer have the connection problems, my guess would be something at your house is hogging your bandwidth. Besides the computer and Xbox, what other devices are connected to your router? When was the last time you did a malware scan as well? Could be something malicious clogging your lines.

    Best of luck and keep us posted. - Sub
  2. Alright to start i'm connected into my modem right now and i still have the issues in skype/online games. For devices just 2 computer, my xbox, and wii but that not much, plus this just started happeing, ive had this set up for years now. I think its my computer, i scan every day to make sure nothing on it and my webroot has never noticed anything. If anything i think im going to factory reset my computer and see if that does anything
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