Built first computer and can't connect to internet

Alright so I just finished building my first computer today. When I try to create an internet connection it tells me it can't find any networking hardware. I installed all the drivers found here . I'm not sure what else to do is it possible that somethings wrong with my hardware or do I need different drivers? Any help would be appreciated. Also it should be noted that I am on a trial version of windows. Will be upgrading to full when I get my order sometime next week. Also I won't have an optical drive till next week either. I've been installing drivers from usb.
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    Ethernet driver for your motherboard.
    Install that.
  2. Aye it says I need that driver but I don't know where to get it? Don't see any ethernet drivers listed for my motherboard. Also thanks for answering all my questions USAFRet lol you have helped answer several of my questions.
  3. Yes I got that one jack. Am I installing them wrong? All I do is download them drag them to my usb. Put it in other computer and extract them there right?
  4. Figured it out, I'm retarded. I put them on the computer but didn't install them x.x. Thanks for help guys.
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