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Hey people,

Just got a job as an electrical RE out of college trying to be fiscally responsible (mostly) and all. I'm looking for a good gaming laptop to tide me over for ~2 years of medium settings until I can decide on a decent desktop. Traveling job sometimes taking planes = no desktop. Seriously, my quadro fx 350m laptop has to go.

Some specs:

1080p or 1600:900.

<900, unless super awesome value <1000

no brand loyalty or AMD / intel thoughts, as long as quality

15" or up

I don't have os preferences, but I can't install any, so no clevos / sager

Portability is non issue, except that I have to get it through a plane at times, once I get somewhere it becomes desktop replacement.

Any size 500G - 1TB is fine

Optic drive is bonus, I understand good usb DVD / Bluray drives exist, better than laptop solutions

North America

I liked Lenovo, Asus, some hp envy's are on a good sale: (15t, 15z, 17t)-j000 seem like decent deals:;pgid=c7twGfjc0ptSRpIq7ZUcoGXQ0000vsQfxeMn;sid=qskzWMzWmeX2cJ79fKhqzBXZoBK-8_jKb5zEwVt-oBK-80etcuLZ9HU9?HP-ENVY-15t-j000-Select-Edition-Notebook-PC

Also Dell Inspiron R Special edition:

Also, for 930 the refurbished G75vx with the 670x looks like a great laptop as well.

Basically, are there any other better values than the y500 650m sli for 850?
Is Haswell that beneficial as far as gaming?

So far the laptops beside Lenovo 650 sli I'm looking at an
i5 3230 with 7730 or gt 740,
i7 3632 with 7730,
or A8/10 with 8750 + integrated.
I don't need Crysis 3 on ultra, just something that can get me a good experience for a while til I can upgrade to Desktop and get a less travel-y job.

Your opinions are held in high regard
and thank you for your time!
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  1. haswell is actually a big improvement when it comes to mobiles (laptops) and isnt as big of a deal when it comes to destkops.

    i can speak from experience... the g75 is a pretty impressive laptop. my brother just bought one a few months ago. the gtx680mx is a kickass graphics card for the g75 (its the version he has) and is better than the low end 7xx series. cant say about the high end 7xx series but they are probably out of budget.

    the laptop is big so is great for a desktop replacement and has a very nice 1080p screen. he paid $1100 for it brand new (could have paid $1000 but he missed the sale by a day). if you threw a ssd in it... it would be just about perfect.

    i've traveled on planes with a laptop before so i know what you mean. small laptops are easier to transport (lighter too) but not so fun to use as a main screen. there are options though... if you stay in hotels you can use a hdmi to plug into the television and use that for a big screen. yourself a huge favor... dont ever EVER (and i mean that) buy a dell. they only make sense for businesses due to the deals they get on replacements and upgades.
  2. Thanks for responding!

    No doubt, that laptop sounds beast. The options in my budget going up to hard cap at 1000 sounds like the 670 with the newegg asus or the Lenovo with 650 sli and save $150.

    Sounds like a vote for Asus and stay away from Dell. Got it. Are you sure that the lenovo y500 or HP envy's aren't better deals though?

    For a little smaller screen on the Lenovo the gpu solution, according to notebook check
    is a few levels above the asus G75 with 670x and 100 dollars cheaper. The Lenovo seems a little harder to upgrade, tho.

    Furthermore, the hp envy's listed in op come with a decent Class 2 gt 740m for gaming, an i5 for 100 cheaper deal than the Lenovo.

    I'm just wondering if the Asus G75 is worth the extra 100$ for what seems like better build quality, a larger screen, but slightly less graphics capability than the Lenovo.

    Surely I'll get something quality if I spend MORE. I would just like to play some games with buds for a bit, the free fps (PS2, TF2) and some RTSs like Civ5, Midieval II, maybe the Rome's just on Medium for passing, nothing spectacular. I know the desktop is the better quality so I'm trying to get something that'll pass until I can think about a Desktop.
    I'm hoping to find a solution that costs around 800 or less, 900 soft cap, 1000 hard cap.

    Thanks again for your time
  3. i personally wont buy a hp since they are the same thing as compaq now (merger). dont know abut lenovo but still wont buy one (personal opinion only)

    the g75 (at least some models) have a 1080p screen not a 1366x768 screen.

    be aware there is also the g55 and g74 (other rog models) to look at. dont limit to just the g75.

    for 800 you could get a asus ice cool model (aluminum wrist wrest) which i personally have and it works good. wont max anygames though (but dont expect it to) bought it for travel. 1366 screen though.
  4. Ok, so I've been shopping a little longer...

    The Dell has some decent specs but I'm taking your advice even though the hardware seems decent... I know cooling is king usually with laptop quality and longevity.

    There's the Asus G75vx with 670mx for 900 at newegg

    or the Y500 with dual 650sli 3rd gen i5 and 1 year warranty for 850 (ending today with lenovo coupons)

    or the next model up with haswell and a gt 750 for 820.

    You would go refurbished G75 for this price?
  5. sorry if i seem anti dell but the whole reason for getting one is for the support and there is a complete lack of propper support unless you want to deal with foreign tech support. dell is also known for using non standard motherboards and other factors which limit upgrading (though on a laptop its not as much of an issue). as a company i dont think its a good idea for individuals but the upgade policy is good for business.

    from notebook check website... some specs

    numbers listed in order the cards are listed..

    gtx670mx, sli gt650m, gt750m

    3dmark05: 27,040.5, 24,750, na
    3dmark06: 20,268, 16,841.5, 13,820
    3dm vant: 13,008, 12,605.5, 3,164
    3dmark11: 3,587, 3,597, 2,512.5
    heaven2.1: 45.2, 47.6, 29.8

    as far as i can tell... the numbers between sli 650m and 670mx arent to far off. the sli wins by a few fps in the heaven bench but falls short in the synthetics. the 750 however is a weak gpu and isnt even in the running. i think the single gpu is going to be easier to cool and will result in not as much problems to be honest but your call.

    the g75 with gtx670mx isnt a bad combo. i couldnt find it on newegg though. are you sure about the specs?

    there is nothing wrong with refurbished provided it has a waranty with it and if new is not in the budget. i've known a few people who have gone that route. up to you.

    the decision is all yours. all i can tell you is my own opinion and the specs.
  6. Check it: Asus G75vx recert for 900

    Vs Lenovo y500 i5 solution with 650sli now for 800

    And now I definitely can't decide.
    Which to your esteemed expert laptop eyes would you bite on?
    Which one has better longevity (for laptops anyway)? Which machine could be over clocked to keep next gen games on medium or so?

    I mean, my needs are simple and coming from a very weak machine:
    Won't be playing AAA titles right out the bat. Will wait til at least some optimizing patches are out (e.g. Rome II)
    Probably will be playing lots of humble bundle stuff and free fps and some of the better strategy games (more cpu intensive I hear)
    Watch a some movies.
    Honestly if it's playing some games at low 4 years from now I'd be happy.

    Really, thanks for your time ssddx.
  7. Best answer
    g75 pro

    -g75 is a 17.3" not 15.6" laptop which makes it a better desktop replacement.
    -g75 has good display with decent viewing angle (at least on the model we have). not sure about the lenovo.
    -g75 can take two hard drives. good for upgrading to a boot ssd later.
    -g75 has an i7 which is closer to what a desktop i5 offers.
    -g75 has a newer gpu and its a single non sli solution so it will not get as hot.

    g75 cons

    -heavier than lenovo. its a larger laptop though
    -need to get a 18" laptop case (can point you to one which fits as my brother bought it and it works)
    -chiclet style keys but lots of laptops have this...
    -subwoofer really isnt that good but its not terrible either
    -windows 8 blows but the lenovo has it too.

    i say the g75... but again, your choice.

    oh and about overclocking.... i dont think so. the g75 has a h77 board (i dont think you can overclock on that type of board) and most likely so does the lenovo.
  8. ssddx said:
    g75 pro

    Thanks a bunch, ssddx, the G75 is an awesome machine and I'm glad I went with it.
    You mentioned some sort of carrying case? This is a necessity I've learned; the box it came in is not cutting it!

    Thanks again for your time

    this laptop bag fits the g75. its the same one my brother uses so i can personally verify fit.
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