hi guys, i'm almost panicking

I got my gtx 770 today and i wanted to get another look at it i noticed that my thumb might have touched the gold contact part and out of my ocd and panic i got my shirt and i wiped the gold contact/pins my feet weren't on the carpet i was sitting on the bed, i didn't feel any static or anything go through me and into the card, but did i screw up my graphics card? because i tried to wipe it with my shirt or because i accidentally might have touched it did i mess it up? i know you guys must get a million of these and i'm sorry.
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  1. Stay calm, its probably fine, just try not to do it again. Is it still working?
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    Touching the gold contact won't cause damage, but that's not saying it's fine to keep touching them. Rubbing the shirt on the gold contact wasn't a very good idea, but I highly doubt you did damage.

    Install it in your computer, only way to know if it works or not.
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