New Monitor, go with 1080p or 1440p?

I'm currently gaming on a 24" 1080p dynex tv, which i got for like $80 on black friday, but I would like to use the tv as a tv and get a nice monitor. I was looking at the ASUS VS247H-P 24" 1080p monitor for $150 after promo code. But I saw some teksyndicate videos about 1440p monitors from south korea with lg or samsung panels for $280. Its a X-start 27" 2560x1440 and costs $280 with free ship from south korea and their review said shipping as only 3-5 days.

This is the 1440p one -

This is the ASUS one -

I want to know if going with a 1440p monitor with my specs in sig, will be a good idea as well as spending about $120 more. Money isnt a huge issue but if the picture is that much better I would prob get it, but if not saving the money with the asus one would be fine
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  1. go for the DP2710LED. you wont go back to 24 after using 27 monitor :D
  2. Well was more of asking about the resolution difference, I have not seen a 1440p monitor in person, and heard some ppl cant tell the difference. I've played on a 1080p 27" before
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    i have 1x 21 (1440x1024), 2x 23,5 (1680x1050), 1x 27 (1920x1080), 1x 27 (2560x1440).
    for me they are all good and "not much" different for movies and gaming, "unlesss" u look hard or bench them. i just seem to like bigger inch & resolution.
    too bad you can't try both too see the different. just hope u don't get one with the white bleeding.
  4. I got a asus VX238H as it was on sale for $150 with 1080p, 1ms, and had speakers if i need them. So better than spending almost double. I wanted the 1440p one but $300 is a little much for me at the moment lol. Gonna be my next upgrade when I have some extra money around.
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