How should I connect my coolant pump?

I have a z87 Sabertooth, and a Reserator 3 Max. The reserator book says to connect it to the board. But I don't want the pump to throttle as if it is a fan... Isn't it supposed to be connected to the PSU to be constant?
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  1. You can connect it to either, if connected to the motherboard you just have to go in bios and disable fan control on the connection you have it on
  2. That's how I have it set now.. the pump's so quiet that I can't really tell it it's working at full speed or not
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    no you shouldn't be able to hear the pump thats the idea of it, with fan control disabled thats constant voltage so full speed plugging it in from the psu won't help you confirm flow rate but you would know soon enough if the pump stopped your cpu temp would rise
  4. Thanks man! I think i'm good then. My room temperature is 84F. Stock CPU (4770k) at idle right now is staying around 100F. This machine is quiet! Except the other fans that are changing speeds constantly, but it's awesome!
  5. I'm using the Asus AI Thermal Radar/ Fan Control. That (fan) "pump" can be manually set, or auto tuned. You can see the LED on the pump dim when you turn it down. I guess my real question is: Should I set it to full speed? Is the pump not designed to be adjusted like that?
  6. no the pump should be run full speed the asus alsuite just doesn't know if its a pump or fan the led is dimming because its cutting the voltage to it to slow it down you may damage the pump as its not designed for this,
    you just control the fan speed to determine idle and load temps not the pump speed
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