Can I use my BT Voyager 2091 as a wireless repeater?

Hey all, I have a Huawei523a router which is situated downstairs, the signal is not very good at all upstairs.
I have a BT Voyager 2091 router sitting in a box, is there a way I can use this second router as a repeater to boost signal upstairs wirelessley and how would I do this please?
Thanks for reading!
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  1. USAFRet said:
    Start here:Thanks for the Link, but i think that is by connecting the 2 routers together via ethernet i dont have an ethernet that will reach upstairs or I'd just plug it in to the computers. I want the 2nd router half way between the 1st and the upstairs computers without wires.
  2. The router must have this as a feature and not a lot do. This is a very old router it does not even run 802.11n. Your only hope would be to find third party firmware that runs on it. I would not recommend it though, repeaters already slow things down a lot and if you used 802.11g you likely would degrade connection to the main router also.
  3. BT Voyagers struggled to do their own job properly back in the day - yours deserves a peaceful retirement down at the Council tip. :D
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