Best closed 240mm liquid CPU cooler?

Dear fellow forum users,
I have been considering to get the H100i, but then i read pretty many bad reviews on newegg, and Could you please advise me if i should in-fact get the h100i or if not, please suggest another 240mm radiator. Thx
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  1. Can u fit 280mm? Kraken X60 then.

    If the swiftech 220 is a available there it's good too:
  2. I can only fit up to 240mm, im using the Arc midi r2. Also, i don't want a custom loop.
  3. Swiftech is 240.
  4. Turns out i can fit 280mm, but not the corsair 110, only the kraken x60. Would you recommend it?
  5. Dam$, i can't buy the x60 as it is not available in my area. Got another good one (except swift tech)
  6. Im sure you have your cooler by now but order the x60 online.. it doesnt matter what area you live in.
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