trouble with restarting pc, decreasing ram. please anyone help me

so my pc keeps restarting after i first boot it. and after its restart itself suddenly the ram decreased from 8.00 gb to 6.00 gb. and after that my pc never restarting again. but when i shut it off and turn it on again, my pc memory back to 8.00gb again. and as always its gonna restarting again and the memory is decreasing to 6.00 gb and its gonna stop restarting. the free space on drive c is also changing. around 23.2 gb when the memory is 8.00gb and 28.2gb when the memory is 6.00 gb. o yeah the 2 gb memory is mysteriously allocated to gpu ram after its restarted.

is it a hardware problem? some virus? or an error in the registry? please anyone help me
my rig:
gigabyte ga-970
2x4 gb ram visipro
sapphire hd 7850 oc 2gb(4gb after restarting)
500gb hardisk
500w psu enlight blacksilver
dvd room
3 fan

sorry for my bad english
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  1. Have you run memtest?
  2. no i havent tried it yet.
    i've dowloaded it but, now what should i do after i burn it to a cd?
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    restart your computer and boot from the cd. Let it run for several hours. If any errors pop up, you know something is wrong with your memory. If you do get errors, run 1 stick at a time (take the others out) until you find the faulty one.
  4. turns out the problem comes from the ram slot in the motherboard. so i change my ram to a different slot and my computer works like normal again. and my ram doesn't have any problem when im running memtest 86. thank you for the help guys.
    by the way is there any way to fix the ram slot on my motherboard?
    thanks again
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