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Hey all, in my house i have a 24 port quidway switch, while working on my note suddenly there was an explosion and my note turned off automatically, i turned it back on but the network was showing me that as if there is no internet acces device installed on my note, my LAN controller was fried and the port from the switch had the same destiny :), the switch still works fine i mean all other 23 port work fine only mine was damaged can some one tell me what may be the cause of that, the distribution box where the switch is installed is not grounded. Please explain as 2x2=4 so i understand thank you. Here is the photo of the distribution non grounded box and my fried LAN :
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  1. it looks like something shortened it out.

    could have been a bad electronic component inside the switch

    is you network cable okay?

    Grounding the case would have not prevented it. The ground is for the High Power side (110V/220V)
  2. The cable was damaged too

    And about the grounding - the switch has grounding system installed on it and it looks just like the one on distribution box with the sign of grounding, well i think it(the switch) should be connected trough a wire with the box and the box with the ground to evade such situations???, correct me if i am wrong.

    The guy that checked my cable came with this device:

    and when he checked it only 3 light came on out of 8
  3. like I stated before the Ground would not have helped.

    it all most sounds like the damaged network cable caused the short in the switch.
  4. well the cable was fully functional before this happened it was damaged after this short
  5. You likely will never be able to tell. It could have been the note damaged the switch or the switch damaged the note or something strange like a lightning strike cause a surge in the cable that damaged both.

    There is such low voltage in a ethernet you could not burn something up no matter what you short together. There is no connection between the data circuits and the equipment grounds intentionally. If the ground was not electrically the same on both ends you get into a dangerous situation called a ground loop.

    Maybe if the switch was PoE and it somehow got confused that type of power could fry stuff but the PoE protocol is very well defined so it would be rare for a manufacture to have a basic issue like that.
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