new pc build with old HDD

ok so i bought all my components for my new build. I bought a new copy of windows OEM as i know there will be hardware changes with the new system as i will be using the old HDD as storage.

When i install windows into my new HD how do i gain access to the old HDD i wish to use for storage that came out of a HP computer. One thing to note is there is no sensitive data i wish to keep off of that drive i merely want to use it for storage in my new build.

so my question is... can i go through windows in device manager and select that drive and format it inside windows. or do i actually need to format it prior to use. Once again there in absolutely no data i want off of that drive, just it's capacity storage goodness.
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    Unplug the new HDD, then format the old HDD with a bootable media(DVD/USB). Device manager cant format the drive with an OS on it.
  2. ok thanks for that. greatly appreciated
  3. Keep us posted on how it goes.
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