Is EVGA GTX 760 SC /w ACX cooler futureproof?

I just bought a EVGA Gtx 760 SC /w ACX cooler 2GB, then after i bought it, i I just bought a EVGA Gtx 760 SC /w ACX cooler 2GB, then after i bought it, i found the HD 7950 /w boost 3GB was available in the shop, i was EXTREMELY angry(palmface). Whenever i open a website to read about next-gen games (built on consoles), i found that 2GB of vram wont be enough(as people said) as BF3 uses 1.5 in busy 64 players servers with large maps, as well as crysis 3 and skyrim modded which are vram hungry games. So, i wanted to ask you couple of questions which maybe have been implied from what i have said:

1) Is my GPU with its 2GB vram enough for next-gen games(and approxmately what is the time until which it can handle the games?), i forgot to mention that i use a screen of 1600x1200 and i am not intending to upgrade to a higher resolution whatsoever and i game on single monitor(pure gaming PC). Another point, i'm not the kind of people who wants everything maxed out, i can sacrifice some settings such as AA, AF( which i think wont differ that much) for the sake of better gameplay experience.

2) Which GPU is better the VAPOR-X HD 7950 /w boost or mine (EVGA gtx 760 SC /w acx cooler). If you can provide me with any evidences as tests, benchmarks or articles i would be extremely thankful.

3) I think there are some other factors than VRAM for improving gameplay as gtx-770 which is considered somehow a beast for gaming and gtx-680 as well, are just 2GB VRAM, if u can explain this to me or give me a simple article to read about(im interested to know more), i would be again EXTREMELY grateful.

4) What does 1080p mean? That question will blow off my head and i cant find any answer to it, and what is my screen pixels 1600x1200 so i can know where am i in the tests or such things.

Here is the rest of my build if you are interested in knowing it:
CPU: Intel core i5-4570
Motherboard: ASUS Z87-k(doesnt support SLI, was sad to know this)
PSU: SeaSonic M12II Bronze 620W 80 PLUS
Case: NZXT Lexa S
RAM: 8GB(2x4GB) G.Skill Ripjaws-X DDR3 1600 CL9 1.5v
Cooling system: i dont have any at the moment actually as my budget ran out before buying it, and i am not thinking of overclocking(as it may be obvious from mobo and CPU), and the case had some pretty good supplied fans.

Sorry for making this too long and boring to read, thanks in advance for any answer you will provide me with :)

I hope i didnt waste a lot of your time :P
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    There is a review done on the MSI 760 card at Guru3D and if you look through the games tested and the cards tested you'll see that the 760 wins most of the time against the 7950. I realize that you don't play at the settings and resolution tested but they did test all the cards at the same settings and resolution to get a fair result of where each card stands.
    The margin of the wins and losses is not great and clearly shows that either card can be a good choice.

    The 770 , 680 , 780 models also come in 4gb versions along with the 2gb versions. 2gb cards are good for up to 1920x180 and if you go higher 2560x1600 then the 4gb and higher versions will come in handy. For what you play at 1600x1200 a 2gb model will work just fine.

    1080p is another way of saying HD. If you see a monitor or TV that says it is 1080p then it's telling you it is a High Definition TV or Monitor.
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    1. 2gb or VRAM should be enough for 1 monitor and with not alot of AA or tonnes of skyrim mods

    2. The gtx760 is kinda better depending on the games you play and Nvidia has better drivers and in the future you can add another gtx760 and even beat GPU's like GTX titan!
    I would recomend the MSI gtx760 twinfrozer iv benchamarks:

    3. The reason those graphics cards are better ( im no master) is just because their GPU are more powerful higher memory/core clock speeds ( more MHZ) and that is sort of the limit of my knowledge
    4.1080p is considered HD it is just a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels
    You are playing at less than 1080p so game will run better the lower the resolution but you can see pixels more with lower resolutions so
    Higher res- Looks better more demanding
    Lower res- Looks works less demanding

    took me a while (15 mins xD ) to write so i hope i helped
    anymore questions just ask
  3. Thanks guys, i knew no one had the answer for the period the gpu will last for, but i wont worry after that, i will ry to just play recent games and have fun ^^
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