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I've just clean install windows 8.1 from old windows 7 and I have several problems. My intel 6205 wifi card works not well as on windows 7, it says "the connection is limited", and I have to reconnect wifi by hand. And another problem, the dedicated video memory of intel HD 3000 (based on processor i5-2520m) is only 32MB, it is 64MB on windows 7 before, so when I play several games, such as Age of Empires, it's not good as before.
Can anybody help me to fix those problems? Thanks very much!
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  1. The only suggestion I can give, is go back to Win7. That's what I finally had to do. Win8, 8.1 has not been too well received so far. Koroush Ghazi, a well know reviewer, has done several Tweak Guides on Windows OSs since the days of Vista. He didn't have too kind of words for the latest Window OS.
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