When I did a refresh on Windows 8 on my Asus Notebook it deleted m Microsoft Office 10, how can I get it back?

As I was saying, and I thought I read the refresh information correctly, but now I have no Microsoft Office 10, I just finally got administrator permissions changed from previous owner. I bought this on eBay, is a great computer, it is a Asus Notebook and is in new condition, but sure has ben a hassle getting the previous owners information off, and the reason he didn't wipe the hard drive was because he didn't want to delete the Office 10, am I crazy or does newer laptops and notebooks come with that preinstalled with the Windows 8, and if so why wouldn't he send me the disc for it if he bought it, I thought you could only install it on one machine. Any information will be really appreciated, otherwise I will end up bald from pulling my hair out......Thanks everyone and have a great day!
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    W8 refresh restores the laptop to the original factory image while maintaining user accounts, data and microsoft store apps. Everything else is wiped clean. If Office 10 was on, it was wiped with the refresh.

    Try LibreOffice -it's free and open source and will do everything Office does.

  2. M$ Office is sure not pre-installed. The night have been a 30-day trial version. You can download the install files from Microsoft, but you need the license key to install it.
  3. Quote:
    hy wouldn't he send me the disc for it if he bought it, I thought you could only install it on one machine

    MSO 10 pro is like 4380....H&B is like $180

    Perhaps he wanted to keep the license ?
    Perhaps he downloaded it and the downloaded installation files were on the laptop ?

    Sometimes vendors offer a trial version with the laptops, but you can buy preloaded.

    You can only install it on one machine ..... at a time.

    Personally, I use Open Office.... it's free
  4. If you try F11 on power up you should be able to restore the laptop to Factory Settings, this may re-install a trial version of MS Office, with an option to use Home & Student for free. It will also clear out all the previous owners' guff...
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