CPU fan not being read error

Hey guys i just rewired my case mainly the fans, now when i boot up i have a cpu fan read error and this is weird since 1. i did not remove any cpu fan components and 2. it never did thisbefore. The cpu fan is powered by the motherboard and is controled by a manuel dongle off the main cpu fan connector. The CPU fan i have is the THermaltake CPU frio OCking.

Thanks guys
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    Does the fan spin, and do you have normal cpu temperatures?
    If the fan is spinning to slowly, it may not be recognized by the motherboard.
  2. The fan spins as normal, and will change speeds if i increase them with the dongle, for the short time i had the PC up and running the temps looks as normal as they were before i rewired everything.
  3. I elive i solved it, after looking at the connections i had the cpu fan in cpu_opt1 instead of cpu 1 and the error had diasappered, i will restart again and hopefully it will stay away.
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