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Can I have more than 2.5TB of storage?

Hi everybody. I am looking to upgrade my storage. I currently have 2.5TB of storage made up of 1X5OOGB Seagate= C drive and 2X1TB Seagate Baracuda 7200rpm. I want to change my C drive to a 128GB SSD and add an additional 2X3TB WD Green 7200rpm. My system is a Dell Precision 690 Workstation 0MY171 mobo, Intel Xeon 5060 processor 3.20Ghz, 4GB RAM, Geforce 8800GTX GPU and 1Kw PSU. I am upgrading a lot on my system. I am adding a second Intel Xeon 5060 processor 3.2Ghz, an additional 16GB RAM and a new GPU Geforce GTX 660. I have the physical space for the extra hdd but would anybody know if my pc will take the extra storage. and what SSD's would be compatible. Thank you.
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  1. If your MoBo has SATA ports, any SATA drive (SSD or HD) will connect. Speeds will be limited to the lower of either the port or the device....number of drives is limited by the number of ports
  2. yes you can have more than 2.5tb of storage. I have over 8tb in my desktop and my server.
  3. Dell say my mobo supports up to four 3.5" SAS or SATA drives with additional space for one SATA Boot Drive. But that it will only support 2.5TB of storage. I dont want to spend 200 to 300 Euros on hard drives that won't work for me.
  4. Im not familiar with Dell.....much of that stuff in the server level class stuff is proprietary. I w as once asked to add storage to a Dell workstation ..... came over w/ additional drives and couldn't use them....the dell had a proprietary power connector. The exact same drives from dell were more than twice what I I modded the wires, taking connector from old PSU.
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    I've defiitely had a 4tb drive plugged in.The motherbd will only go up to a 2.2tb drive but it worked fine in an external enclosure. You have 7 sata ports on that board and two are reserved for optical drives iirc. If you want to test but a drive from a local store that takes returns, if it doesnt work you are only out your time and not any $.
  6. Thanks very much everybody. I think I might try that popatim and if it doesn't work just take it back. Or may just go for a NAS storage system altogether.
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