Will the I7 4770 (non k ) be able to play games while rendering a video at the same time?

I have a Youtube channel, and I'm very short on time I got to make videos, And I know it's not that big of a deal but I like to get rid of raw Fraps footage as soon as I can so I really want to be able to render footage while recording so that I can record a different game/episode and use up less space overall, but to be honest I don't think the reason matters, so just answer my question: Will the I7 4770 be able to render in Sony Vegas in 720p-1080p without the use of a GPU and play video games at the same time with minimal loss of frames to non? I'm assuming that recording mostly rely's on the GPU when using fraps.

If so, will I have to limit the I7 into only using two cores? (which will render slower) or can I let it use all of them and render faster?

Thanks for answering, and in case you're asking, I'm not getting the K because getting the K version + a cooler is far beyond my price point, and as much as I would like to overclock, I would rather have a stock I7 4770 than an overclocked FX 8350 (all though I do quite like AMD when it comes to budget gaming and even budget streaming+ light editing)
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  1. Yeah, the only difference is the overclocking possibility beyond that are the same CPUs. Set the limit to 2 core will give you the possibility of use the other 2 cores for games, remember that games use your CPU in some points and not only the GPU.
  2. So should I invest next in a separate HDD for fraps to use? I know they are pretty cheap so I could easily get a 2 TB one just for recordings?
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