Good laptop for school and minecraft?

I was wondering if this laptop would be good for media stuff and school stuff while being able to play minecraft? It would mostly be used for minecraft and Skype and researching for school. Is this good?
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  1. It is quite old. It may be able to play minecraft with lowered render distance and fast not fancy graphics.
  2. Go for a Lenovo ThinkPad X120e. They are the Laptops my school handed out, and they arent that bad. I can get 35-40 fps in Minecraft, and still do schoolwork. It is a mini laptop though.
  3. Little old, but it should be able to.
  4. Can anyone reccomend me a $300 laptop new or refurbished that can play minecraft at 40 grams fast and normal? Thanks
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  6. the cart is empty.
  7. HiHaoabsdicoxnan said:

    An E-300 CPU will not be playing minecraft
  8. You need at least an E-350. It wont give you any great gaming like performance, byt like I said, i get 35-40 fps on average playing MC on my school laptop.
  9. I kind of suck at laptops and focused on pc stuff but figured I'd better focus on school so I switched to laptops lol. Do you have any ideas of what I should get? Looking at refurbished... Or maybe I could just get a ps3/ps4 and plug in a keyboard lol. For $300 I can get a Decent refurbished? Ill be using game booster and optifine if that helps. If you can, I need at least 4gb ram and a dual core CPU with any kind of dedicated gpu? If you can't shot or something like that I guess I could understand
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    Yo be honest, you will not get any gaming performance for $300. You might be able to play minecraft with a refurbished machine but you will not be playing any other games at all.

    This should have no problems playing minecraft.
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