Need Help with CPU MOBO Combo


I built my PC 4 years ago

- i5 750
- Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3
- 4 x 2gb ddr3 1600 XMS3 Ram
- Seasonic X series 850w psu
- HD 7950 gpu
- CM Storm Sniper Mid tower
-Samsung 840 evo 250g ssd
- Zalman Optima heat sink

Some of the parts listed are upgrades i put in incrementally. I damaged my mobo when I was trying to install a new cooling solution. I was hoping to get a year or two out of my current cpu it didn't seem to bottleneck my gpu or hurt me in programs like photo shop. I was gonna try and wait to upgrade when ddr4 comes out. I have tried to find a new p55 mobo that allowed me to use usb 3 and sata 3. This turned out to be quite difficult there are limited options on ebay and online. I did find some but the prices seem crazy for old tech($130 and up). I think the best idea for me is to list my i5 750 on ebay and just get a new cpu + mobo. I want to get 2-3 years out of the mobo and cpu.

I use my rig mainly for
1) Gaming (skyrim, BF3, Tomb Raider etc.. ) at 1440p
2) Photo Shop (just as a hobby)
3) watch movies occasionally
4) Standard microsoft office stuff

I have a microcenter near me and these are options I am considering

1) FX6300 and M5A99FX PRO R2.0 Socket AM3+ 990FX ATX ($200)
(or M5A97 R2.0 Socket AM3+ ATX for $180)

2) FX8350 and M5A99FX PRO R2.0 Socket AM3+ 990FX ATX ($265)

3) i5-4670K and ASrock Z87 Extreme4 Socket LGA 1150 Z87 ($305)

What ever will give me the best value and meet my needs over the next 3 years would be best.
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  1. Best answer
    Unfortunately due to sheer inexperience with the FX range I cannot comment on them


    I can for one tell you the Haswell 4670k is a solid choice and a killer processor, overclocked it will support all games (obviously accompanied with the correct GPU) and stock state is still killer so +1 for the 4670k
  2. Agreed. The i5 4670k is the way to go. Just be sure and cool it properly.
  3. +1 on cooling,
    however with the 2 fans from the storm mid tower and the stock cpu fan, you should be alright (providing your not overclocking)
  4. The 4670k beats any AMD CPU in gaming. Also, the LGA 1150 socket is nice to have for the future.
  5. Thanks for the help guys.
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