Can my power supply handle the AMD 7970 Ghz 3Gb

Hi, I will be buying this card soon...

But before I do I just want to make sure my power supply can handle it, especially the power connectors. Here is my power supply...

Am I fine with that or do I have to also upgrade my power supply?
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    That PSU could run 2 7970's in Crossfire. You will be all set! As for power connectors, the 7970 you linked requires an 8-pin and a 6-pin. Your PSU has 2 of each so you are more than covered!
  2. ^+1 it is more than plenty.
  3. Indeed. The PSU csan handle sli or crossfire from what I've seen. You're good to go.
  4. Alright cool, off to Newegg I go!
  5. hey friend i am planning to buy Radeon HD 7970 GHZ Edition and i am Using 500w cooler master Thunder PSU... pls tell me that is this one sufficient for me plssss reply me someone help me
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