Can some one review my build?

I'm trying to make a sub $800 build. This is what I have so far.

I'm trying to get it to be a good build for at least 2 years. Any thing a bottleneck? Any thing overpowered? Any good subsitutions?

I am a first time builder so any quick tips are wanted.
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    heres how id do it

    -you dont need a z87 board when you cant overclock
    -a 25 dollar MIR for ram is stupid
    -added a SSD. throw your OS, apps, and games and it will for sure make a huge difference
    -the sapphire card runs a little cooler and quieter, your call here
    -i wouldnt get wifi altogether.
    -cheaper case for a cheaper build. no reason to spend more than you need to espeically given your limited budget
    -better psu
    -cheaper dvd drive
  2. You could go with a less expensive board, since you didn't get an overclocking CPU...probably save a good $30-$40.

    Don't forget, unless you've got one, the OS is gonna cost like $100.
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