Building gaming PC 400$ budget

I'm looking to build a new PC since my old one is a bit... sad.
The problem here is I have no idea what I'm doing.
As said in the title my budget is 400$.
I want the most I can get for buck, I don't plan to play Crysis 3 on ultra graphics or anything like that... Just to be able to play some of the newer games.

I feel like i need to re-address I have no idea what I'm doing.

Any help is much appreciated, and in advance
Thank you.
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  1. If you have not already, find out the current specs of your computer. Download AIDA64 Extreme Edition (it cost $35, but you can get a 30-day trial) or Speecy (free) and post the specs of your current computer, including the following:
    -Processor (AKA CPU) make and model
    -Motherboard make and model
    -Graphics Card make and model
    -RAM size and chipset (like DDR3)
    -Any other specs that AIDA tells you in the Summary tab.

    Some things like hard drives and optical drives, RAM, the case, and sound cards can be saved for the new build.

    If you can keep any of the current things like the RAM or motherboard, you can upgrade more in other areas, like CPU or GPU. With a $400 budget you should probably get AMD products. I'll say more when I know what you currently have.
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