Hard drive dead?

The Western Digital HD on my windows 7 PC will not spin up on start up, it only sits and quietly 'clickclick, clickclick'. Is this the power supply not providing power (I unplugged and replugged all connections), or has the Hard drive died? There is no physical discoloration or warping on the hard drive, the connectors are undamaged. When I tipped the HDD, it sounded like something was loose, or there was sand in the case. I live in Nebraska, so this is probably not the case.

Has my hard drive died? and if so, is there any way to recover my data?
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    With that clicking sound , and that loose sound when tipped , I would say it's now reached it's end of life.

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  2. Sounds dead to me. Do u possibly have a warranty, and or product replacement plan? If not definitly just google around for computer shops in your area that have hdd recovery options.....The geek squad always has this option too but u pay a premium, and dont get very timely service....but its reliable if u have on other options.
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