Newly build pc stopped working

Hey everyone, I just built my first computer. These are my specs:
Asrock z87 Extreme 4
Asus geforce gtx 770
2x 4gb croshair LP 1866mhz
i5 4670k

I had it running last night for a couple of hours and had successfully installed windows 8. I installed the os on my ssd, but my 1tb seagate hard drive never showed up under 'my computer'. It did however show up in device manager. I installed my lan driver, chipset driver, audio driver, and graphics card driver. I then downloaded and installed 52 updates using windows update. After rebooting I also installed a sata driver, thinking that this might be the reason for the hard drive not showing up. After still not being able to access the 1tb hard drive, i rebooted again and entered the bios. After looking around for no more than a minute, my computer completely froze. After powering off and on, i got a message saying windows cannot boot correctly and must be restored to an earlier working state. I turned it off and unplugged both drives as well as my optical drive, but the problem persists. When i press power my motherboard immediately displays rapidly changing 2 digit codes on a red led display. My monitor (Hdtv) now does not display anything, not even the asrock screen. It was such a good feeling to finally power up my pc and install windows, but now part of me is wishing i just paid someone to build it :( I am very new to this, so please go easy on me
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    Unplug all the drives and only have the video plug into the screen and use the speaker that attaches to the mobo and post. If it does not, check your connections and parts and make sure they are in securely, if the problem still persists and you have verified that you have secured everything, call asrock and ask them a few questions. One mistake people make is downloading drivers from the system itself ALWAYS get your drivers from a safe computer and use a thumb drive to bring them over to your new system.
  2. Oh and if you plug into a really big hdtv from the board itself, you're gonn have a bad time. Use a regular monitor
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